The Dog Days of Summer, Or; Where to Bring Your Favorite Growler

I'm going to start this whole thing off with a rather unpopular opinion - the Fourth of July is not the start of summer - it is the midpoint of summer...and friends, we are well past that midpoint.

Boston in the summer is great for a wide range of activities. You can take a trip to the Harbor Islands, squeeze your beach chair between spike ball games in Southie, get a sunburn while "tanning" on the Greenway, spend $16.00 on a ticket and $42.00 on beer at Fenway, and much more. But here at Hops and Stops we have two main ingredients for the perfect summer day - great beer and a great dog [not a hot dog, though a good ballpark frank does hit the spot].

Beers and dogs - while visibly different - can also be quite similar. They both bring people together. We always appreciate their presence, but tend to have our favorites. While one can be carried in a growler, the other, when carried, may become a growler. Finally - if you happen to have more than six of either, you're probably a pain in the ass to be around.

Some of you may have noticed that the Hops and Stops team has grown in recent months. Kevin - Hops and Stops' better-looking, less-punctual co-founder - recently welcomed Rudy - a Fox Red Lab - to the crew.


Though we have to wait until Rudy is 3 years old - 21 in dog years - for him to join a tour with Hops and Stops, we've already scoped out our favorite breweries and brew-gardens where we can bring along our four-legged friend.

  • The American Fresh Beer Garden by Slumbrew is an open-air brew-garden experience that is welcome to dogs. Come swing by after a nice shopping trip or on a walk through the new developments at Assembly Row
  • Mystic Brewery has an indoor space that is pup-friendly. Keep an eye on your dog as you sit back and enjoy cold brew and delicious pours, while playing giant Jenga or the Bimini Ring Game
  • Trillium's new brew-garden is a puppy playground. Situated right on the Greenway, the Trillium brew-garden is hopping Wednesday to Sunday - if you haven't been there yet, I honestly don't know what you are waiting for.
  • If the weather is right, the Bone Up front porch is open for well-behaved dogs coming along for a relaxing day with their best friends. Who doesn't love a pup-porch.
  • The Night Shift patio is dog friendly and they run Pups and Pints every so often
  • Dorchester Brewing Company is always dog friendly on their porch and also runs Puppy Yappy Hour throughout the brewery to benefit Big Fluffy Dog Rescue every few weeks
  • Lord Hobo in Woburn has an indoor, dog-friendly space
  • Cambridge Brewing Company's outdoor patio is convenient and dog-friendly
  • If you're up for a road trip, feel free to bring your pup to Far From the Tree, Red Hook, Stoneface, Allagash, and more!

With temperatures dipping into the mid-50s yesterday, the team at Hops and Stops is here to remind you that the warmth that comes out in Boston for our 10-week summer is a fleeting thing that must be held and cherished. Now don't get me wrong - hanging inside at one of our favorite breweries under a cool fan or A/C is a dream on the days when it is simply too hot to be outside. But - when you take the time to think about the eight months of certain cold we'll be hit with again come October - we feel it is our solemn duty to remind you all to get up and drink outside (or inside at some dog-friendly spot!). 

We hope to see you out there. If you're lucky, you may run into Rudy or another pupper during your next day out at the brewery.