Welcoming A Summer of Sours

With a quick glance around any taproom, one can easily tell that sours and fruited ales are becoming more and more common across Boston and across the country. From puckered faces and squinty-eyed first sips to refreshing sounds of lips smacking in the liquid goodness of a well crafted brew, there's something about sours that makes the experience of drinking even more special. 

With the Fourth of July ever so recently in our rear-view, there is no denying that we are truly in the heart of the Boston summer. We've seen the Tall Ships grace our harbors, we have Shakespeare in the Common bringing Romeo and Juliet to the masses, and we have twenty-five innovative breweries bringing their best sours to the 'We're Funk'd Festival' this Sunday in Walpole. 

Though thousands cried out against the loss of Harpoon's Big Squeeze (a shandy, we know, but a hell of a sour one) this year, a quick hop across to some of the local area breweries proves there is a host of sour and fruited ales for those of us looking for a crisp, refreshing alternative this summer. Night Shift has its Harborside, Aeronaut has its Passionfruit Sour Planet, Slumbrew has Gose Resolution,  Garde La Pêche, and Gose The Destroyer, Idle Hands has a new variety of its rotating Kill Your Idles (Tropical), and many more sour and fruited pours are sure to come. 

Writing this with one of Idle Hands' Kill Your Idles: Tropical in hand, I'm happy to see the rise of the sour in our local breweries. If you're in need of a good sour and want to share notes on some of Boston's local breweries, sign up for an upcoming tour with Hops and Stops - we look forward to seeing you soon!