Our Story

Back in 2013, Tim Koeth and Kevin Helm met while working together in downtown Boston. Three years later - having spent a good deal of time and money traveling to area craft breweries, cider houses, and distilleries - Tim and Kevin set out to build a convenient and inexpensive tour option for Boston's residents.

By working together with local vendors to build out plans that fit into their operating schedules, Tim and Kevin worked to find the perfect blend of convenience, variety, and affordability for a local area brewery experience.

During early morning meetings in coffee shops across town and afternoon discussions over a (few) pint(s), the two guys hatched their plans. As Hop-On/Hop-Off buses drove by the first floor of the Black Rose, the plan for Hops and Stops was laid out. If Boston's visiting tourists could whisk around the city to old landmarks like the Old North Church and Bunker Hill, Boston's residents should be able to visit the new landmarks - our breweries and cider houses - that Boston had to offer.

Within a few weeks of planning, Hops and Stops was born.